What are the benefits of posting your job openings on your website

The best way to attract job seekers is by posting your jobs on your own website. Let see why.

a) People are more likely to fill in your application form if it's on your website than on a recruitment site. They will visit your website before they apply for the job, which means they have more knowledge about what your company is all about.

b) You can recruit people who already know your company, so there is a lower chance of getting the wrong person for the job.

c) You speak directly to the candidates without any intermediary. As well as cutting costs, you're cutting indirect communications. Candidates generally prefer to talk directly to the employer than to a recruiting agency.

d) The majority of people that browse ads on recruiting sites like Monster or Indeed are currently unemployed. They form just a fraction of potential hires. The best candidates are people who are already employed and not actively looking.

How to Create Job Ads That Attract the Best Candidates

Write your description carefully.

Top talent won't be attracted to a poorly written job ad. Review the job ad and check for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Be sure to run the ad through a spell checker.

Take a look at the content of your ad. The language in your job ad could reveal a lot about your company's culture.

Make sure you are clear on what the position entails and that you emphasize how it will help them grow their skillset. Think about using words like "challenging," or "exciting,” to describe this opportunity if you want to attract top talent.

If you are a small company, you can add some interesting quotes from your company's history or past successes. Give interesting numbers about your company.

Pay special attention to the job title

Simple job titles work better than creative ones because a lot of candidates use search engines to find job opportunities. So instead of following the new trend of using "marketing rock star", use "marketing manager" instead.

Be reasonable with the required skillset

It's understandable that you'd love to find someone who has all the skills to absolutely nail your position. But many candidates won’t apply if the list of required skills is too long. Be sure to include only the absolute required skills and put the others in the nice-to-have skillset.

Also, be sure to explain why the job requires this skillset. If you are looking for a candidate with five years of experience in PHP development, explain why the job requires this seniority with the programing language.

Mention a salary or a salary bracket

Let's be honest about it. Salary does matter. Even if your company is a wonderful place to work with a lot of perks and a great culture. A study from Business News Daily shows that the first reason why an employee quit a company is the salary.

andidates don't like to have to go through all the phases of the hiring process before knowing what the salary is. By being upfront with it, you avoid wasting everyone's time, yours, and the job seeker's.

How to use JobboardPlugin to manage your job openings

Now that you know what to include in a job post, let's talk about how to manage your new postings using JobboardPlugin.

JobboardPlugin allows you to display your job ads on any page of your website by just adding a short piece of Javascript code.

You can then write and manage your job ads from the backoffice. All the changes are applied in real-time to the ads on your site. It's dead simple!

In conclusion, there are many benefits when using a job board on your website. This helps you find the right candidates and hire faster. JobboardPlugin is free to use so why not just try it out?