Create a career page on
your website in 30s

Embed a Job board on your website with JobBoardPlugin

No HTML or CSS skills required. Just copy-paste a piece of code to any page of your website to add a job board. Then manage your job offers through your dashboard, the changes are updated live. This free plugin works on any website.

How does it work?

Create your job offers

edit your job positions

Edit the title, compensation, location, type of position, description.

Preview your job board

preview your job board

Add the plugin

preview your job board

Simply copy/paste the code to any page of you site to display your job offers.

Why post your job offers on your website?

Your website is the best place to attract job seekers.

Anyone browsing your website has an interest in your business or what you’re offering. By displaying your open positions on your website, you will increase your chances to attract potential job seekers.
You can place your offers on the main job sites like Indeed and Linkedin if you have the budget. But a direct application from your website has higher chances to result in a successful recruitment. And it's free!

Why choose JobboardPlugin?

No need of a web developer
Edit live your job offers from any device
You job offers are saved in the cloud
Responsive & mobile ready design
Applicants can apply in one click
It's free